Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 20, 2011--back to the basics

I was trying to sort of get back to the basics with this. My sense of windowsill arrangements is that they are often most satisfying when they include three things--flag, filler, and focal point (or something linear that points up, some leaves, and a flower).  At least that's an idea to start with.  Today's arrangement started when I inadvertendly broke of the spear of an unfurling arum leaf. I had been trying to dig it up and didn't go deep enough.  I decided to use that spear (which I was so sad to have broken off) as my flag. Then I picked one little sprig of perilla leaves for filler, then a geranium floret for focal point. Dopped them into a coffee mug while I went to get a more appropriate container, but I sort of liked them in the mug so I photographed that first! Then photographed them in a vanilla bottle, which makes an almost perfect vase for this kind of arrangement.

(I like the holes in the perilla leaves!)

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  1. Love your Blog Nancy. In addition to seeing all the beautiful arrangements and being inspired to create, I get to learn the names of so many different plants. Wonderful