Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sept. 7, 2011--hunk of honeysuckle

Yesterday, it was so much fun finding a nice big hunk of honeysuckle blooming in the garden--in the pouring rain! Brought it in and stuck it in a vase. This is just one central stem of honeysuckle with multiple side shoots--some blooming, some just leafy. I thought it would look pretty whereever I put it, but I can't seem to find a proper home for it. First photo shows it on a kitchen windowsill. second shows it on a bedroom windowsill where I like it much better. Second arrangement also includes a couple of sunflowers with their petals removed. I stole them from another windowsill arrangement just to help anchor the honeysuckle stem in the blue pot, but I think they also add something to the design.  Part of the problem with both arrangements  is that the longest leafy stems are so long they require an uncluttered background to show them off. It's hard to find that on a windowsill, but I seem to be unwilling to cut them off!

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