Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sept. 21, 2011

This had such potential, but I'm too tired to retrieve it! One little container was supposed to hold one rescued zinnia (with broken stem), some hollyhock stems that I was throwing away (because they have a disease), and a perfectly beautiful arched stem with one red fruit on it from lily of the valley (something Louise Witherspoon alerted me to). But--this kind of thing always happens when you're pressed---the thing I liked best---the lily of the valley fruit--fell out of the container, landed behind the radiator, and, even with a flashlight, I can't find it!  So--I picked another lily of the valley stem--this one with multiple berries and not as pretty as the one with a single berry--and somehow ended up with two vases of material (some recycled from yesterday) that aren't half as pretty as the original one was. Grrrr!  There's also a tiny Lady fern stem in vase (actually one of those alcohol bottles you get on an airplane) on right.

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