Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 17, 2011--Rose named Gardenia

These roses are the prettiest things blooming in the yard, and they really needed to be rescued from the rain. They bloom only in the spring on long, climbing canes that go up into a cedar tree. I'm particularly proud of this rose because I grew it from a cutting I got from Berry and Chester Walters (who got it, I think, from a cutting of Winsey Cumfer's rose, which she called Gardenia). It really does have the ethereal beauty of a gardenia and smells great. I've combined it with: one leaf from a hardy begonia (Begonia grandis)---that's the beautiful leaf with reddish veins on underside; graceful arugula stems with green seed structures leftover from May 12 (these go higher a look prettier in real life than they do in these photos), and a peony leaf (already used in a couple of other arrangements this week).

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  1. I've got that begonia growing in my front garden. It loves shade. Anything that loves shade is my friend. And I love it in arrangements when I can get the light to shine through it like you've done here.