Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31, 2011

Went outside to pick a few flowers for something simple and wound up with something complicated. It's really too hot to be outside picking anything, but somehow I wound up with a fistfull of old-fashioned vining petunias, some Digitalis lutea (tiny little yellowish foxgloves), pinkish Korean bellflowers, and a couple of stems of what I call hootenanny plant (it's a Vietnamese plant whose botanical name I can't remember; begins with H).  It has broad, green, smelly leaves and four-petaled white flowers. I pulled some of the leaves off for the second photo, which is prettier, I guess. Third photo shows what's going on outside: grapevine and trumpet vine crawling up the window screen! Twice as high as they were a week ago!  Where is the gardener who is supposed to be keeping these weeds in check?  She's inside arranging flowers!

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