Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 18, 2011

Travel day between Ashland and B'ham. This is what was in windowsill when I left Ashland. Picked lots of flowers to bring to B'ham (Flower Camp) before leaving, and this little piece of sweet William broke off in the process. It's an odd color for a sweet William. Bought the seeds from Select Seeds, I think. Combined the little sweet William stem with recycled peony foliage (that peony foliage just won't die!) and with recycled wands of green arugula seed pods (they won't die either!). Previous day's arrangement is still in windowsill, too, and I took a picture of its hardy begonia leaf up close to show its red veins better. So beautiful! Also took a photo of arugula in the vegetable garden to show how unkept-looking this source of arranging material (and seeds for another crop of edible greens) is right now. It's so hard not to pull it out to make way for another crop, but I need those plants to reseed. Getting such fabulous arranging material from them helps!

This last photo of arugula is obviously cattywompas (oriented incorrectly). I'll fix it later, when it doesn't take so many, many minutes to upload a photo!

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