Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19, 2011-- Color

\\Spent all day arranging flowers (there's a workshop at Flower Camp tomorrow), but nothing much was inspiring me until, among the leftovers, I found this combination of materials. Gathered them into my hand then went in and dropped them into my gourd container (see May 15). Here I really do wish I were a good photographer, because these colors are amazing. I got sort of mezmerized watching the afternoon light as it  played through the flowers (it would glow, then grow dark as the wind blew clouds then tree leaves across the sun). Included are 1 stem of orangish/pink snapdragon, 1 stem climbing rose (same one I used in earlier arrangement), 1 deep fushia peony bud, and several leaves of one of those new heucheras (this one is sort of yellowish buff pink/purple). To cover up the black pin holder holding the gourd "vase," I  eventually went out and got a ligularia leaf. First used it upside up then realized it was much prettier underside up.

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