Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 26, 2011---Rhonda's arrangement

So: I'm at Flower Camp and I thought I'd turn the windowsill arranging over to a friend: Rhonda Roebuck. Rhonda dropped a wood poppy stem with seed pod on it into one of my little vases. Quite pretty. Then, to my delight, she discovered how hard it is to photograph something on the windowsill. Reflections in the glass and the moire patterns created by the screen were just two of the problems she immediately encountered (and she's a really good photographer). How I loved seeing her struggle with the same issues I've been struggling with! Rhonda solved the background problem by slipping a page of sheet music behind the vase, creating this collage-like effect. This photo also shows part of another little arrangement created by Louise Witherspoon--developing seed pod of love-in-a-mist, which, at this stage, is called devil-in-a-bush.

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