Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 28/29, 2011

Yesterday I turned the windowsill arranging over to grandkids and realized they're better at this than I am! First they made window people, then, later in the day, Adam, 14, came in with a fistfull of flowers that was the prettiest bouquet I've ever seen. He'd picked one stem each of 20 different flowers. He dropped it into one of my little vases and it fit perfectly. I'd never have thought 20 stems of any kind would fit into the neck of that vase. Flowers Adam picked included: viola (3 colors), daisy, feverfew, rose bud, sundrop, catnip, grass, catchfly (Silene armeria), dianthus, rose pink, comfrey, love-in-a-mist, butterfly weed, foxglove, red clover, coreopsis, larkspur, pineapple sage. I didn't even know the pineapple sage was blooming until I saw it in Adam's bouquet!

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