Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30, 2011

Adam's arrangement must have inspired me, because I jammed lots of stems into this little container. Started with butterfly weed and bupleurum,, then added reddish lismachia leaves that made the bupleurum look really blue-green. That, and the smokey, reddish gray on the underside of the lismachia leaves drove the rest of this arrangement. Added fennel, nigella pods, poppy pods, and a little money plant to fill in around the back. Was having trouble capturing the blue green color in photograph when I hit flash by mistake, and that did the trick. It's wild carrying these little arrangements around to find appropriate windowsill for them. This arrangement actually looks much prettier sitting where it is now---beside my computer. On way to my desk with it I saw white oak leaves on the ground and they, too, are a beautiful blue green on the underside. Love how they look under the arrangement.

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