Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21, 2011--Honeysuckle

Now I'm really cheating. Brought this arrangement upstairs and put it in the windowsill over my cot rather than do a new arrangement today. I'm sleeping like a camper at Flower Camp while others are sleeping in our cabin. Created many arrangements day before yesterday with lots of pretty flowers, but of all the things I did, dropping this one big hunk of honeysuckle into a vase was my favorite. It has one thick central stem and dozens of graceful, flowering streamers going off in all directions. That's the way it grows up a fence post, and that's were I got it! It was tricky to disentagle its central stem from wire fencing without breaking it, but when it came off clean, I knew I had a  treasure. It looked like a wedding bouquet! (See second photo with Anita Barnhart holding the same clump of honeysuckle like a bouquet) To get the short central stem to stand securely in the vase, I jammed a stick into the vase with it. All this looks better where it was originially placed (on the woodstove downstairs), but it wouldn't be a bad idea to put a hunk of this in the windowsill above a pillow. Fragrant dreams!

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